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Rad Print Company is revolutionizing the way brands extend their merchandise offerings with our hassle-free affiliate program. Designed for companies aiming to sell shirts without the financial burden of upfront costs, we cover all aspects of design, printing, shipping, and packaging, leaving our partners to simply share their products and champion their brand.

Each affiliate benefits from a personalized brand page on our website, dedicated solely to their gear, enabling a seamless sales process. Moreover, affiliates earn royalties for every shirt sold, turning their creative visions into profitable ventures with minimal effort. Join us at
Rad Print Company, where your brand's expansion is just a click away, and start reaping the rewards of being part of an innovative apparel journey.

Rad Print Services: Affiliate Program Step-by-Step Guide


Welcome to Rad Print Co.'s Affiliate Program! Our program is designed to help you expand your brand's reach without the overhead costs, crafting a seamless process from branding to distribution.


Here’s how you can start:


Step 1: Initial Consultation Meeting

   -  Objective: Discuss your brand vision and objectives.

   - Introduction to the services provided by Rad Print Co.

   - Discussion about logo creation, branding, and graphics if you do not already have these.

   - Overview of advertising strategies and royalty payout structures.


Step 2: Building Your Custom Landing Page

   - Objective: Develop a personalized landing page on the Rad Print Co. website.

   - Our team designs and sets up your affiliate page, tailored to reflect your brand identity.

   - Integration of all necessary graphics and content to highlight your products.


Step 3: Customization and Editing Meeting

   - Objective: Finalize the designs and functionalities of your affiliate offerings.

   - Review and edit the proposed designs and content.

   - Final approval of the landing page and any associated digital or print materials.


Step 4: Promotion and Marketing

   - Objective: Launch your brand's campaign to attract customers.

   - Utilize your social media platforms, website, and other marketing channels to promote your branded products. 

  - Strategies and tips for maximizing reach and engagement.


Step 5: Production and Fulfillment

   - Objective: Efficiently produce and ship your products.

   - We handle all aspects of printing, boxing, and shipping.

   - Continuous monitoring and quality control to ensure the best product delivery.


Overall Benefits

   - No Upfront Cost: There’s no initial investment required from you as an affiliate.

   - Hassle-Free: We manage all the logistics, from product creation to customer delivery.

   - Brand Growth: Focus purely on brand promotion and customer engagement while we handle the rest.


Ready to Start?

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and join the many who are already thriving with Rad Print Co.'s Affiliate Program!

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